Burch-Schneider Reinforcement Cage

Burch-Schneider Reinforcement Cage

For revision surgery or surgery for large acetabular defects, shells based on the Burch-Schneider principle have been used for about 30 years to achieve stable anchorage in healthy bone and restore the anatomical center of rotation. The Burch-Schneider Reinforcement Cage is made of titanium according to ISO 5832-2 and is available in 4 sizes (sizes 44 to 62), each in left and right-hand versions. These sizes correspond to the diameters of the polyethylene cups that are inserted into the respective cup revision cup.


Product features

  • anatomical design
  • Restoration of the rotation center
  • safe support of the cemented PE cups
  • good fit
  • available in four sizes (44, 50, 56, 62)
  • Cancellous bone screws available in 6.5 x 15 mm to 6.5 x 60 mm (single/sterile packed)


Burch-Schneider Reinforcement Cage
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