Our values

Anatomy as a Benchmark


We develop, produce and market artificial joints based on the needs and scientific knowledge of German-speaking trauma surgeons and orthopaedic surgeons. The close networking with scientists and clinically active surgeons is aimed at the well-being of the patients. Current scientifically based facts and new findings are incorporated into our products. The already good clinical results of joint replacements can be further improved by consistent further development in the areas of materials research, implementation of new mechanical and biomechanical findings, improvement and refinement of surgical techniques, education and training of hospital staff and perfection of logistics.

Good reasons for ARTIQO


  • We offer highest quality
  • We are partners of the operators
  • We produce in Europe
  • We take responsibility
  • Our products are a good choice
  • We solve problems


ARTIQO’s goal is to achieve a clear positioning of the brands ANA.NOVA®, A2® and 4-motion® through clarity in the company’s appearance and a clear product range for the German market.


We act financially independent and autonomous.

We for you


Service orientation, customer proximity and strategic alliances with German-speaking researchers and opinion leaders are essential to achieve a good and successful quality of care for our patients in the long term.
We are committed to this goal.