A2® Short Stem

The A2® Short Stem – Very good clinical Results

Short stems are being used more and more frequently due to their very good clinical results and excellent suitability for minimally invasive surgical techniques.


A2® Short Stem Product features

  • Very good performance documented in the EPRD (Endoprosthesis Register Germany)
  • “Two Body” design (Type B and Type G) for optimal anatomical reconstruction, long-distance medial support at the calcar and anatomical force application
  • Proven biological anchorage concept
  • Triple tapered short stem with trapezoidal cross-section
  • Accelerated osteointegration due to an open-pored pure titanium plasma coating with optional additional calcium phosphate layer (BONIT®)
  • The unique range includes one cemented and two cementless variants
  • The pelvitrochanteric musculature and the bone substance of the greater trochanter can be spared

Advantages of the A2® Stem System

  • Cementless and cemented version
  • Ideal also for minimally invasive procedures
  • Good anatomical adaptability
  • Bone and soft tissue preserving design
  • Rapid healing and excellent biocompatibility
  • High stability

More information on the study results can be found here.



A2® Short Stem Patient info


A2® Short Stem press release

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