Individual planning to measure

Individual planning to measure

Individual planning made to measure

A web-based 3D planning system is available to perfectly adapt the 4-motion® knee joint to the patient’s specific anatomy and needs.

For planning, computer tomographic (CT) images of the knee, hip and ankle joint are required, as well as radiographs of the entire leg if necessary.
Using an intelligent planning algorithm, the knee joint is virtually implanted in a three-dimensional model and a planning proposal is generated. The surgeon receives valuable information before the operation and can assess the positioning of the new knee joint on the three-dimensional model.

The surgical instruments are individually adapted using the 3D model and can only be placed in one position for an exact fit. This enables the surgeon to precisely implement the individually planned steps during the operation. More bone substance is thus retained. The procedure is less invasive and carries fewer risks.


Advantages of the 4-motion® knee joint


  • Restoration of the natural anatomy
  • Variable positioning of the joint components in a range from 87° to 90°
  • Support of the physiological movement sequence
  • 3-dimensional planning and precisely fitting, patient-specific instruments
  • Reduced operating time, less anesthetic
  • Bone saving implant design and surgical technique

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