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December 2019 | EPDR Annual Report 2019: A2® Short Stem with lowest probability of failure - read more...

Press Release December 2019

Very good EPRD results for restorations with the A2® Short Stem

  • The Annual Report 2019 of the Endoprostheses Register Germany (EPRD) has been published
  • Lowest failure rate in the first two years with cementless restoration with the A2® Short Stem from ARTIQO

The cementless fitting with the A2® short stem from ARTIQO occupies a leading position among cementless hip stem implants in the annual report 2019 of the Endoprostheses Register Germany (EPRD): Overall, the short-term results of the short sockets are superior to standard sockets.   “The excellent performance of the A2® short socket in the EPRD Annual Report 2019 proves once again how important a transparent and good communication between developers, users and the manufacturer is”, says Mario Frank, Head of the Development Department & Regulatory of ARTIQO. “Training, dissemination of application-related information, highly specialised preparations and courses under expert guidance are the key to success”. Facts and figures: ARTIQO’s A2® Short Stem has a failure probability of 1.1 after one year and 1.5 after two years, making the A2 Short Stem one of the leading positions among a total of 48 cementless hip stems. There are no data available for the A2® short socket for a longer period of time. The average failure probability of cementless sockets is 2.8 after one year and 3.2 after two years with a range of 1.1 – 5.0 after one year and 1.5 – 5.8 after two years. In principle, the EPRD annual report shows that the probability of failure for total hip endoprostheses with cementless short stems is lower in the first years than for cementless standard stems. Supported by these good results, the use of short sockets (in patients under 70 years of age – the main clientele for short sockets) has increased significantly: The number of patients with short stem implantation covered by the EPRD last year is almost five times higher than three years ago.   A total of 150,284 initial implantations of total hip endoprostheses in 2018 were reported to the EPRD. The proportion of completely cementless anchorages has again increased to 78.6% (compared to 74.8% in 2014). The number of short stems has further increased to currently 9.7% (6.6% in 2015), i.e. more than 20,000 short stems are implanted in Germany, and the trend is rising: Although the overall share is still small, there are clinics in which short sockets are already used more frequently than standard sockets.   Conclusion: Cementless short stems are an excellent option for the implantation of total hip endoprostheses. This is shown by the current data of the EPRD Annual Report 2019. In the top group of all cementless fittings with a very low probability of failure after one or two years is the fitting with the A2® Short Stem from ARTIQO. No data are available for a longer period of time, but there is no evidence of a declining performance.

Further information:

ARTIQO has been operating since 2012 – until August 2019 under the name ImplanTec Deutschland – from its headquarters in Lüdinghausen in the southern Münsterland region. Although ARTIQO is still a rather young company, several products have proven themselves for more than 10 years and have become an integral part of the clinical routine of many hospitals.   ARTIQO develops, markets and distributes endoprostheses. All of our employees look back on many years of experience in this field and can rightly be called specialists in this highly sensitive area.   Since its foundation, ARTIQO has been able to develop pioneering products and services in the field of endoprosthetics. True to their mission statement “Anatomy as a benchmark”, all employees constantly strive for improvements that serve the well-being of the patients.   A2 Short Stem   Printable image material is available. Please request this from our press officer Ms Martina Wederka. Phone: +49 2591-89315-08

December 2017 | EPRD Report 2017 ImplanTec with top position in the endoprostheses register - read more...

Press Release December 2017


ImplanTec with top position


The current results of the EPRD 2017 are now online and, for the first time, prosthesis systems are presented with their failure probabilities. The A2® short stem in combination with the ANA.NOVA® cup systems achieves a top position in cementless hip replacement. The A2® short stem also has the lowest probability of failure in the individual evaluation. In the evaluation of knee endoprostheses, we also occupy one of the top places with the EFK knee, which has been clinically proven for almost 20 years.


The third annual report of the Endoprostheses Register Germany was published in October 2018. As an independent national register, the EPRD aims to improve the quality of hip and knee fittings. In terms of case numbers, the register is already one of the largest in the world – despite its relatively short existence. For the first time, the report also considered the clinical results of various implant systems within the first one to three years. For the most different systems and combinations, percentage probabilities of failure were documented and presented alphabetically.



Printable image material is available. Please request this from our press officer Ms Martina Wederka.

Phone: +49 2591-89315-08

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