ELEC®plus Revision


ELEC®plus Revision Femoral head

Product features

The Elec® plus Revision is the revision version of the ELEC®plus Femoral head. The plus in safety due to 50% higher breaking strength compared to conventional aluminium oxide heads.

  • Extremely abrasion-resistant, bioinert and mechanically highly resilient
  • Mixed-phase, high-performance ceramic material (zirconium oxide-reinforced aluminium oxide)
  • Available in three standard bearing sizes (28, 32, 36) and three neck lengths (S, M, L) and optional for sizes 32 and 36 in XL
  • Also available as revision option with metal sleeve
  • Meets the requirements of the ISO 6474-1 standard
  • No chromium oxide in the material


ELEC®plus Femoral head
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