10 years of ARTIQO – Following your own convictions

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10 years of ARTIQO – Following your own convictions

Newsletter 2/1/2023

10 years of ARTIQO – follow your own convictions

Dear Sir or Madam, dear customers and interested parties,

staying true to yourself and following your own convictions: 10 years ago this was the decisive factor in founding the company ARTIQO and can also be seen as the leitmotif for the product developments and for the company’s market presence. On the occasion of the company’s anniversary, Ulrich Bücken, Managing Director of ARTIQO GmbH, reviews the first 10 years in an interview and remembers how it all began. And he gives an outlook on the development steps awaiting the company in Lüdinghausen.

Your Ulrich Bücken

Why did you found a company in the field of endoprosthetics in 2013? Wasn’t the “bear skin” already distributed back then?

Ulrich Bücken: That’s what many of our companions asked us at the time: What made you decide to found ARTIQO? The reactions ranged from complete incomprehension to great joy.

Anyone familiar with the endoprosthetic market knows how tough it is. Endoprosthetics has become a “me too” market. Many providers solve the same issues in a similar way.

Ulrich Bücken

Ulrich Bücken

The justification of the company ARTIQO was therefore never in “me too”. We were convinced that there was a need for a company that tackled well-known issues differently – and consistently.

Today I see with joy and gratitude the position we have achieved: with the right topics, the right clinical partners and suppliers and last but not least with the right employees.

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Endoprosthetics Congress Berlin 9.-11.02.23 | London

During the EKB congress, which takes place from 9.2.-11.2. industry symposiums will be offered again. Look forward with us to the ARTIQO workshop on February 10th. from 9.55 a.m. to 10.40 a.m. in the Rudolf-Virchow room.

Topic: Endoprosthetics in the course of time – short sockets for orthopedics and accident surgery?
Speakers: Prof. Dr. med Johannes Sign, PD Dr. with Stefan Budde

Endoprothetik Kongress Berlin

Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus Berlin
Luisenstraße 58/59
10117 Berlin

09.–11. Februar 2023

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Save the Date: ARTIQO anatomy course on 05/12/23

Topic: Access routes and reconstruction with the A2® short stem

Head: Dr. with Dirk Ganzer, Altentreptow