A2® stem on growth path in France

Sylvain Rolland, serf

A2® stem on growth path in France

A2® stem on growth path in France

ARTIQO and SERF SAS in Lyon have an exclusive sales partnership for the A2® short stem since September 2022. Together with Sylvain Rolland, Product Manager Hip at SERF, we take a look at the French hip market and want to know one thing in particular: How is “our shortie” doing with our French neighbors?

According to market observations, around 150,000 hip implants are performed in France every year. Traditionally, the Corail philosophy dominates in the neighboring country. “Around 80% of hip implants are performed with this type of straight stem,” estimates Sylvain Rolland, Hip Products Manager at SERF SAS, which is headquartered in Lyon and has been ARTIQO’s exclusive sales partner in France since September 2022.

SERF is the market leader for primary stems and acetabular cups in France.* The internationally successful dual mobility cup concept, for example, was developed by SERF in 1975. For just over 18 months now, the calcar guided A2® short stem from ARTIQO has completed SERF’s product portfolio in France. It is therefore time for us to ask how the short stem is developing with our neighbors.

Sylvain Rolland

Sylvain Rolland, Hip Products Manager at SERF SAS (Lyon), with one of the SERF hip products

Growing market share of short stems in France

“We are seeing a lot of interest,” summarizes Sylvain. Short stems currently have a market share of around 5-10% in France. In the absence of a reliable national register, there are only estimates. In addition, this category includes both calcar guided stems such as the A2® short stem (type 3 of the French Hip and Knee Society (SFHG)) and shortened metaphyseal-diaphyseal anchoring standard stems such as the HYPE® Mini hip stem from SERF (type 5 of the SFHG).

SERF is observing stronger growth in short stem than in the straight stems previously favored in France. “Short stems such as the A2® stem will achieve a significantly larger share in the coming years,” Sylvain is certain. At French congresses and in publications, there is increasing discussion about calcar guided short stems. “More and more of our customers want to familiarize themselves with the concept, try it out and be able to use it.” Similar to developments in Germany, the short stem philosophy still often has the status of “plan B” and is used for indications where traditional straight stems do not offer a solution. However, there are already some convinced surgeons who are using the short stem philosophy for the majority of their surgeries and have been interested in learning more about the A2® short stem since its market launch 1.5 years ago. “In addition to the design, the clinical results simply provide very good arguments,” says Sylvain, pleased with the response from French surgeons.

* 2022 Data of ATIH (Agence technique de l’information sur l’hospitalisation)

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