A2 short stem now also available as cemented variant

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A2 short stem now also available as cemented variant



Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear customers and interested parties,

Also this year we would like to stay in touch with you via our newsletter. We will continue to expand our online presence for you. Thus, we will then also participate in the digital endoprosthesis congress in Berlin with two workshops and have further expanded the depth of information on our ARTIQO website.

ARTIQO Newsletter

For the first time, there is now a short-stem system that, in addition to two different cementless basic shapes, has now NEW also received a CEMENTATED brother.

Please read in this issue what makes the difference to other systems.


Have fun reading and discovering!

Your Ulrich Bücken

A2® short stem supplemented by a cemented variant

Since the beginning of 2016, the cementless A2® short stem with its two basic bodies B and G has become an integral part of the treatment spectrum in many hospitals in Germany.

Almost fifteen thousand satisfied patients are proof of the innovative concept. The advantages offered by the muscle-sparing surgical implantation technique are a great benefit to patients.

So why not expand the indication window for the short stem even further?

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14th EKB Endocongress online

Both the organizers and we at ARTIQO are very sorry that this year’s EKB will not take place as usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, this congress was also the promising start for us every year to seek exchange with you also at the scientific level.

In order to stay in contact with you and to be able to present you new findings and topics also under this year’s framework, we have booked two workshop times.

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Patient marketing – we are at your side

Hospitals and physicians in private practice work in a highly regulated area whose framework conditions change frequently. For example, communication materials such as patient education materials must comply with the laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to Germany.

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