Anatomical alignment in knee endoprosthetics

Anatomical alignment in knee endoprosthetics

Anatomical Alignment in Knee Endoprosthetics

With the development of the 4-motion® knee joint, we are taking the consistent path of reconstructing the anatomical planes of movement in the knee joint. This reconstruction brings advantages in the context of prosthesis implantation. The femoral offset can be reconstructed because the operation-related external rotation of the femoral component is no longer necessary with this anatomical design. The need for ligamentary releases is significantly reduced by the anatomical position.

Each knee is different

On average, the joint plane drops about 3° medially and about 3-7° posteriorly. However, this average value often does not represent the patient-specific individual alignment. In order to meet the requirements of anatomical reconstruction, it is therefore important that the implant components (both femur and tibia) can be positioned variably.

If you want to resect as little bone as possible and significantly facilitate balancing of the ligaments, you can achieve this by means of anatomical implantation.


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