25.–27.2. 2021 | EKB Endokongress | posts

Classic alignment

25.–27.2. 2021 | EKB Endokongress | posts

14. EKB Endokongress | Articles

From 25. The EKB, the Endokongress, took place online this year until February 27, 2021. We were able to realize two slots for an industry symposium here to update you on the latest developments in the field of knees and hips. Here are our posts.

Short-shank as the new standard


Prof. Dr. med. H. Schroeder-Boersch

Why treat knee TEP patients individually?

M. Frank

Implementation of the personalized alignment with the 4-motion® knee

Dr. Ing. P. Moewis

Variable Tibia Position? An FEM analysis

Prof. Dr. med. H. Schroeder-Boersch

First clinical data/case studies

M. Frank

Development of a modern short shaft system

PD Dr. med. St. Budde

Data on the short shaft – where is the A2® shaft?
FEM analysis, EPRD data, RSA study

Prof. Dr. med. J. Zeichen

Warum ein zementierter Kurzschaft?

Dr. med. F. Horst

The short shaft as a standard shaft
Clinical experiences/data and range of applications