EKB 2021 Kniesymposium

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EKB 2021 Kniesymposium



Dear Sir or Madam, dear customers and interested parties,

In this issue we would like to give you some insights from the ARTIQO symposium on knee endoprosthetics at the Berlin Endoprosthetics Congress. In the review of the symposium, you will learn how a patient-specific and anatomical knee reconstruction can be achieved through the interaction of different factors.

You can find all video presentations from the EKB Industry Symposium on artiqo.de/ekb-kongress or on our YouTube Channel.

ARTIQO Newsletter

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EKB 2021: The Mystery of Anatomical Reconstruction

Do you know the secret of patient-specific and anatomical knee reconstruction? It lies in the interaction of anatomy, preoperative planning, alignment strategy and implant design. This was the conclusion reached by the speakers at the Artiqo symposium “Personalized Alignment in Knee Arthroplasty – Theory and Practice” at the Arthroplasty Congress in Berlin. And of course the 4-Motion® knee system also plays a role. Here is the summary of the symposium and the speaker videos:

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Schroeder-Boersch / „Why treat TKA patients individually?”

The gold standard of 90/90 degree knee prosthesis positioning is currently being shaken up. In his video lecture at the Berlin Endoprosthetics Congress, Prof. Dr. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch, Wiesbaden, based on the anatomy and the latest study results, why mechanical alignment should be a thing of the past and the knee should be anatomically reconstructed instead:

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Marion Frank / The 4-Motion® knee system: For a personalized anatomical alignment

We hate to say it: Standard knee implants have their limits when it comes to consistent anatomical alignment. The 4-Motion® system, on the other hand, was developed explicitly for anatomical reconstruction – as Mario Frank, member of the management and developer of Artiqo GmbH, explains in his video presentation at the Endoprotetikkongress Berlin – in three system areas:

  • of three-dimensional preoperative planning
  • manufacturing patient-specific cutting blocks
  • of implant components designed and approved for variable and anatomical orientation


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Philipp Moewis / The round PSA tibial keel for a variable tibial position

The PSA tibial component of the 4-Motion® knee system is well-rounded: Not only because of the round tibial keel for a patient-specific alignment (PSA), but also because of the detailed biomechanical tests of the implant design with the help of a finite element analysis. Dr.-Ing. In his video presentation at the Berlin Endoprosthetics Congress, Philipp Moewis from the Julius Wolff Institute for Biomechanics and Musculoskeletal Regeneration at the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin certifies that the PSA tibia component has a homogeneous introduction of force, even with an anatomical alignment with a 3 degree inclination.

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Schroeder-Boersch – The 4-motion® knee system in clinical use

How is our 4-Motion® knee system doing in clinical practice? Prof. Dr. Henrik Schroeder-Boersch, Wiesbaden, showed the complete workflow from preoperative planning to the result in the postoperative X-ray control in his video presentation at the Berlin Endoprosthetics Congress. His conclusion: The preoperative tibial inclinations could be consistently restored, both in 87 degrees and in 90 degrees depending on the individual initial situation of the patient and with the same set of instruments.

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