Planning, Workflow and Implant Design for anatomical Reconstruction

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Planning, Workflow and Implant Design for anatomical Reconstruction



Even in the Corona times, which are a burden for everyone, we continue to follow our path consistently. We have used the time to approve the PSA Tibia for the 4-motion® knee and to introduce it to the market.

ARTIQO Newsletter

Please read in this issue what makes the difference to other systems. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that we were able to conduct a preparation course in cooperation with ProSympos under the current COVID-19 conditions for the first time this year.

And “last but not least” Joachim Geßner celebrated his 60th birthday in August.

You will find these topics in compact form in our current newsletter.

Enjoy reading and discovering!

Yours Ulrich Bücken

Anatomical alignment in knee endoprosthetics

With the development of the 4-motion® knee joint, we are taking the consistent path of reconstructing the anatomical planes of movement in the knee joint. This reconstruction brings advantages in the context of prosthesis implantation.

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4-motion Planning Website

Successful introduction of the PSA Tibia for the 4-motion® Knee

Patient-specific alignment is more than just a buzzword for us. True to our motto “Anatomy as a benchmark” we consistently pursue this topic in implant design as well.

In order to cover all possibilities of reconstruction, a new tibial component has been developed and approved according to the criteria of patient-specific alignment (PSA).

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4-motion knee system implanted
4-motion knee system implant design

Individual planning made to measure

A web-based 3D planning system is available to perfectly adapt the 4-motion® knee joint to the patient’s specific anatomy and needs.

For planning, computer tomographic (CT) images of the knee, hip and ankle joint are required, as well as radiographs of the entire leg if necessary.

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Individual knee surgery planning made to measure

Finally it was time again!

Under the direction of Dr. Frank Horst, the course “Minimally invasive access routes and reconstruction possibilities with the A2® Short Stem System” could take place for the first time again in Essen. In cooperation with ProSympos, a good hygiene concept gave us the opportunity to conduct this high-quality course again.

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Minimally invasive access routes and reconstruction possibilities with the A2® short shaft system

Joachim Geßner celebrates his 60th birthday
Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a spoke in his wheel, so that the planned party on the day of honor could only take place in the smallest family circle.

So then nevertheless at least the ARTIQO indoor service crew could celebrate the estimated colleague with a zünftigen breakfast in the due distance. We all wish you and us many more healthy, exciting and successful years together.

Joachim 60